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DayPicker is designed to adhere to the ARIA Authoring Practices Guide for date pickers. This includes features such as keyboard navigation, focus management, and labeling.

Depending on your design, you may need to add new accessibility features. For instance, when working with Input Fields, there could be some restrictions depending on the level of accessibility you aim to achieve. Stay updated with the best practices by following the ARIA Patterns.

ARIA Labels Translation

When translating the date picker to another language, it's necessary to update the ARIA labels to match the new language. Refer to Localization for more information.

Keyboard Navigation

Arrow TopMove focus to the previous week
Arrow RightMove focus to the next day
Arrow BottomMove focus to the next week
Arrow LeftMove focus to the previous day
Page UpMove focus to the previous month
Page DownMove focus to the next month
Shift + Page UpMove focus to the previous year
Shift + Page DownMove focus to the next year
HomeMove focus to the start of the week
EndMove focus to the end of the week
Enter/SpaceSelect the focused day

Reporting Issues With Accessibility

Accessibility is a field that is constantly evolving. If you encounter any issues with DayPicker, please open an issue or share your feedback to help make the library more accessible.

See also the existing accessibility issues.